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is Technological progress


Our visionary team constantly research markets and trends for innovative solutions, process, and strategy in pursuit of producing great ideas. We funnel different ideas into our innovative labs wherein the idea s streamlined and fashioned to become a futuristic solution/product.


With an expanding fleet of mobile devices/Laptops/Wearables, businesses need a platform that enables high levels of oversight and solid data protection. An EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) system is now vital to track the device usage, and have the capability to wipe devices if they should be lost (or stolen).


Main Purposes :

Secured Mobile devices on the Corporate Infrastructure

Encourage more productivity by empowering employees to work anytime and anyplace

Securely manage data on mobile devices

Deliver email, calendar and contacts to employee held devices

Provide a conduit for virtual private network (VPN) connections and Remote Desktop Services

Push App updates to users


Technology driven healthcare for every individual in the societal ecosystem We are working to address the healthcare concerns of all age groups in a community by a unified healthcare solution “MEDVOLV”. Through this, every individual’s health information can be stored and accessed by necessary stakeholders to take necessary precautions and preventive measures. By doing so, we are able to streamline the health records of all members in a community across age groups.

Building further on the state wide experiences, the MEDVOLV Digital Health delivery platform will improve frontline health worker performance and strengthen Health Delivery System with specific outcomes for the stakeholders like Frontline Health Workers (ASHAs and ANMs); Health officials/Program Managers

Business World
Digital India Summit
Award 2018

For the Best Mobile App for Citizen Services

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